Who We Are

Mehlman Barnes LLP is a boutique immigration law firm hosting a new vision for legal services concentrating in the areas of corporate, business, and other employment related immigration matters.  Our practice mission is to deliver world class immigration solutions with the global reach of a large international law firm but the personal touch of a local presence.  We are not just your lawyers, we are your partners and facilitators in international business.

Mehlman Barnes LLP will bring leading expertise to the most complex nuances of immigration law. Practice areas include areas of inbound immigration benefits including the temporary and permanent hire of foreign national workers, consular practice, worksite enforcement, intracompany matters for multinational organizations such as transfers, trainees, and business visitors, and even facilitation of global immigration services for your outbound business traveler needs.  Indeed, with the expertise and services of Mehlman Barnes LLP, we will serve as your company’s vital resource to ensuring that your business can grow and make its mark in the global marketplace.

By partnering with Mehlman Barnes LLP, your business will appreciate a customized representative experience. From the outset of representation we will take the time to analyze your business to gain perspective of your business needs, market environment, inbound and global requirements, and business prospectus in order to build a customized legal services model that will far surpass the industry standard. You can expect a dedicated lawyer to manage your business account. This will serve not only to build and foster an ongoing partnership between your business and our firm, but will also ensure your comfort in knowing and trusting your legal advisors.  As a business client, your company will also be offered valuable resources to simplify various functions for your HR teams including access to cutting edge case management technology.

Whether project road maps, customer requirements, or business plans are the motivating factors driving your company’s immigration needs, choosing Mehlman Barnes LLP as your legal services provider and partner in international business will ensure your receipt of world class immigration solutions.