MB Links and Resources

United States Department of State (DOS)

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

  • USCIS Official Web Site
  • Case Status Online.  If you have a case pending at USCIS, you can track the status of your petition or application by plugging in your 13 character receipt number (typically beginning with EAD, WAC, LIN, or SRC).
  • Civil Surgeons Locator.  Some USCIS applications require a medical examination to be performed.  Check here for an authorized doctor in your area.
  • Guide for New Immigrants. If you recently attained permanent resident status this is a must-have guide with useful information regarding your rights and responsibilities, maintenance of status, education, safety, etc.
  • Guide to Naturalization. This useful USCIS resource provides information on the requirements for U.S. citizenship.
  • How to Report a Change of Address (Form AR-11). Follow this link to report a change of address to USCIS within ten days of your move.
  • Immigration Forms and Fees. This link will provide you with quick access to common USCIS forms and filing fees.
  • InfoPass.  Some immigration matters may be handled locally.  Follow this link to make an appointment at a local USCIS office.
  • Photo Specifications. For those submissions requiring a photograph, USCIS has very specific requirements.  Please see the information here.
  • Processing Dates.  If you do not have a receipt number for your case and you would like general information about USCIS processing times, you may visit this link.

United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

  • CBP Official Website
  • Automatic Visa Revalidation. Please click here for information regarding the “30 day rule” for visitors to Canada or Mexico who have expired visas.
  • Deferred Inspection Sites. If you need to visit a CBP office within the United States to correct an erroneous I-94 admission record, find a location here.
  • Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). Visitors from certain counties may enter the US for up to 90 days without a visa stamp.  If you wish to use the visa waiver program and need to register in ESTA, click here.
  • I-94 Arrival/ Departure Record Retrieval.  All temporary entrants to the U.S. should have a record of their admission.  While CBP no longer issues paper I-94 cards in most instances, click here to obtain a copy of your electronic admission record to ensure that CBP has accurate information about your admission.
  • Trusted Travel Programs (SENTRI, NEXUS, Global Entry, FAST). CBP administers several programs to provide for expedited entry into the U.S.  If you interested in one of these programs, please click on the following link for the requirements to participate.

United States Department of Labor (DOL)

  • DOL Official Web Site
  • Foreign Labor Certification. Click here for information on DOL’s PERM labor certification program.
    • Online Wage Library.  Are you interested in what the DOL believes is the prevailing wage for a specific occupation?  Click here to review the government salary survey.
    • iCert. If you are interested in general processing times for DOL prevailing wages and PERM labor certification matters, click here.

United States Department of Commerce (DOC)

  • Deemed Export Resources. The Department of Commerce provides useful resources regarding the definition and requirements of deemed export control and licensing.
  • Export Administration Regulations (EAR).  This link will take you to the export control regulations to review whether your technology may be subject to export control regulations and licensing.

Social Security Administration (SSA)

  • SSA Official Web Site.  For more information regarding SSA or to find a local SSA office, click here.
  • Social Security Number and Card. Do you need to apply for a new or replacement SSA card?  If so, click here for the eligibility and documentation requirements.

California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

  • For more information on the eligibility and documentation requirements to obtain a CA driver’s license or ID card, please click here.