World Class Solutions

Why Mehlman Barnes LLP?

Mehlman Barnes LLP brings a new vision and fresh perspective to the practice of corporate, business, and other employment related immigration matters.

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    More than Just Lawyers

    The passing of time has continued to deliver more and more perplexing challenges for employers with respect to immigration related issues. What once required only a passing glance by HR teams during the occasional hire of a foreign-born employee, has grown into a myriad of complex issues that all too often demand the attention of HR teams, general counsel, as well as business management in order to run a successful business in today’s global economy. Whether your business is a technological innovator driven by project road maps and production timelines, a services provider driven by customer requirements and delivery of services, or a start-up enterprise struggling with growth challenges, chances are that immigration law and requirements have the potential to impede your business objectives.

    Let’s focus on a few hypotheticals. Consider a global business traveler who needs to visit your U.S. operations or other operations abroad… What visa does this individual need? Will a visa denial or delay impact a commitment that has already been made to a customer that could result in financial loss and tarnish the business relationship? Or consider the new hire process in place at your organization…What would you do if an immigration inspector made an unannounced visit at your place of business Monday morning? Would you know how to respond to the questions asked? Would your company be able to afford payment of substantial monetary penalties and possible criminal charges that could result from immigration violations? Consider your company’s growth and ever-increasing need to rely on recruitment of foreign-born talent…Do you have HR policies in place to ensure fair treatment of all employees with respect to receipt of immigration benefits? Are you aware of whether your company is compliant with immigration regulations surrounding the hire of foreign-born employees? Or, is there a risk that your business could be liable for immigration-related wage and hour violations carrying possible penalties such as payment of front- or back-wages, and debarment from immigration programs? Regardless of the type of business, most employers will face some immigration-related challenge that could severely impede the course of doing business if the issue is not handled by legal counsel who will take your business needs into account when developing a solution to the problem.

    Despite today’s global economy and the expansion of immigration-related challenges for employers, most law firms still view the practice of immigration law as one-sided. A lawyer gives an answer to a client question… A lawyer files a request for an immigration benefit on behalf of the client… But immigration solutions developed in a vacuum run a risk of falling short in today’s business world. At Mehlman Barnes LLP, we are progressive practitioners fully understanding that immigration-related challenges all too often intervene with the course of doing business. This understanding has motivated our world class solutions model. By choosing Mehlman Barnes LLP, you will receive immigration solutions that are customized for your organization. We will collaborate with your HR teams, general counsel, management, and any other relevant parties within your organization to gain perspective as to what drives your company’s immigration needs. Through this discourse, we will act as more than your lawyers…We will be your partners and facilitators in international business.

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    Delivery of World Class Services

    Have you ever boarded a plane and while passing through the cabin found yourself wishing you too could receive the same level of attentive and personalized service as your peers who were fortunate enough to be seated in first class? At Mehlman Barnes LLP, we are motivated by the desire to ensure that our clients never find themselves wishing for something better as we believe whole-heartedly that every client is deserving of world class service.

    The Mehlman Barnes LLP world class model doesn’t just stop at the notion of providing customized solutions tailored to your business. Rather we carry it a step further to taking pride in delivering high-quality, streamlined, and dependable services that will address the growing staffing needs of your business as it comes to depend more and more on recruitment of foreign born employees. Moreover, we will ensure that your business’s global mobility requirements are addressed in an expeditious fashion through our personal coordination with international service partners. This will ensure your global mobility requirements are met with minimal business interruption and without concern of receiving fragmented service that all too often accompanies global mobility practice.

    Lastly, at Mehlman Barnes LLP our world class solutions model also takes into consideration that every client has its own identity, its own special qualities, and as a result its own unique immigration-related challenges deserving of innovative and strategic solutions. In the course of doing business with Mehlman Barnes LLP, every client can expect celebration of their individualism and receipt of world class treatment at a level that instills and reinforces your confidence in our team as your dedicated immigration solutions partner.

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    Fostering a Trusting Relationship

    As a best practice measure in the course of doing business, it is an absolute necessity to have a trusting relationship with any service provider, especially legal services. At Mehlman Barnes LLP, we understand that building a trusting relationship between your business and our team is the cornerstone of a successful relationship. As a result, every client can expect a dedicated attorney-manager who will act as your confidant and liaison. Clients can and should expect their attorney-managers to be readily accessible as we know this is critical to instilling and promoting your confidence in our team as your dedicated immigration solutions partner.

    As part of our continued efforts to foster a trusting relationship between your business and our firm, we will provide support by way of technology to aid case management functions for HR teams as well as employees. We are also committed to providing services and recommendations that will help ease the transitional needs of foreign born employees as they adjust to life in the United States. These efforts will help to mitigate your and your employees’ worry over immigration related issues, allowing your company to keep focused on the most important objective of doing business.

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    Bringing Leading Expertise to the Most Complex Nuances of Immigration Law

    It goes without saying that any immigration law firm your business retains should bring expertise to the practice of immigration law, and Mehlman Barnes LLP brings a level of expertise and commitment that will ensure your business’s best interests are protected.

    Our immigration practice areas are vast, and include inbound immigration benefits such as the temporary and permanent hire of foreign national workers, consular practice, worksite enforcement, intracompany matters for multinational organizations such as transfers, trainees, and business visitors, and even facilitation of global immigration services for your outbound business traveler needs. Both Sharon Mehlman and Shannon Barnes are active members of the immigration bar, regularly appearing as speakers on immigration issues, authoring and contributing to publications within the legal community on employment-based immigration issues, and working to proactively identify emerging issues that may present new challenges to todays’ businesses.