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Mehlman Barnes LLP practice areas for employers include inbound immigration benefits such as the temporary and permanent hire of foreign national workers, consular practice, worksite enforcement, intracompany matters for multinational organizations, and even facilitation of global immigration services for your outbound business traveler needs.  Regardless of your legal needs, our delivery of services, whether to employees or HR, will never focus solely on the easy solution. Rather, we will work to develop world class immigration solutions that fit your unique business interests and the personal needs of your employees.

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    Temporary Hiring

    A significant portion of our world class immigration solutions model is providing guidance to U.S. employers who have a business interests in the temporary hiring of foreign national workers. Mehlman Barnes LLP can offer your business recommendations as to the available visa options for individuals working in an array of occupational areas. There are visa options available for many occupations but most are dependent upon a combination of factors including the employee qualifications, the industry and nature of the position offered. The many complex nuances within the law can make ascertaining visa eligibility a daunting task for employers, absent legal counsel. By partnering with Mehlman Barnes LLP, you can rest assured that the business immigration solutions offered to you will take not only the probability of success into consideration, but also other important factors such as the resources required, associated costs, and time restraints involved.

    The employment visa categories most commonly utilized amongst our clients include, but are not limited to, the E, F-1 OPT/STEM, H, J, L, O, and TN visa categories. If you have a potential hire or even a current employee that you believe may need temporary visa solutions or employment authorization for your company, visit our Getting Started page.

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    Permanent Hiring

    Following the attainment of a temporary visa or employment authorization for a foreign national employee, is the critical step of future planning. Employers are often faced with the conundrum of contemplating how to keep these employees longer than the temporary visa allows. Mehlman Barnes LLP can offer great expertise in this area and can guide your business to establishing a unique strategy for each and every employee. There are several complex permanent resident processes that can be pursued through employment, and we will work with your company to develop a strategic solution based upon the specific factors such as nature of the position, employee qualifications, and terms of employment. We will ensure that the strategy developed meets the inherent needs of your business and your employee.

    The employment based permanent resident processes span from a traditional model driven by the U.S. Department of Labor and the necessity to complete a labor market test, to more “fast track” offerings in the areas of intracompany transfers for management or executives or for researchers who have reached the point of noteworthy recognition in their field. There are even sometimes self-sponsorship employment categories available in areas serving a national interest or those who have reached a level of extraordinary ability in their field. In spite of all of these options, your company and HR teams can rest assured that Mehlman Barnes LLP will consider each and will present you with all possible solutions, not just the most common solution.

    The permanent residency process can sometimes require a significant timespan to complete. Knowing that you are commencing the appropriate process at the right time can help to avoid losing your most valuable employees. As a result, if your company has an employee or even possibly a new hire that has been holding a temporary visa for some time, contact us at our Getting Started page.

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    Consular Practice

    It is a common occurrence for foreign national employees to have travel requirements that necessitate departure from the United States, whether due to business or personal needs. Each time such an employee departs the United States an entry document or visa is essential to facilitate re-entry following such travel.

    Because U.S. Embassies and Consular posts have a wide array of discretion with regards to visa adjudications, employers must be prepared to assist their employees with adequate preparation for visa interviews at the various Embassies and Consular posts around the world.  Mehlman Barnes LLP can carry this preparatory burden for your HR teams and will offer your employees unique solutions including, but not limited to, recommendations as to consular do’s and don’ts, as well as consultations to provide visa interview preparation to ensure that your employees have confidence in the application process.

    If your company has employees requiring international travel and the attainment of a visa to facilitate re-entry, contact us at our Getting Started page.

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    Intracompany Matters

    At Mehlman Barnes LLP we understand that the marketplace has gone global in virtually every respect. Businesses that were once isolated are now expanding across the world through the establishment or acquisition of business entities that target localized markets. As a result, it is becoming more and more common for United States businesses to have relationships with entities outside of the United States. Many such organizations are unaware of the various visa categories that, if used properly, can serve to ensure overall corporate alignment at a global level for your growing business.

    Among the most useful of visas to serve this objective include the L-1 intracompany transfer visa for specialized knowledge employees, managers or executives.  In addition, for shorter term business visits in a conference setting for business planning, project road mapping, etc. may also appropriately utilize the B-1 visa for a business visitors.  For those visits that don’t fall neatly within the confines of the L-1 and B-1 requirements, there are even other visa offerings to facilitate the receipt of training in the United States or the performance of short-term productive services. Several of these visas are seldom used despite the government’s affirmation of their availability.  Through Mehlman Barnes LLP, your company can establish a sophisticated program to facilitate the freedom of movement, information sharing, and overall corporate alignment that is critical to continued growth and success in the international marketplace.

    If your company has a growing international presence and the need for employees to have flexibility to visit, work or receive training at your United States operations, contact us at our Getting Started page.

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    Export Control

    While Mehlman Barnes LLP’s practice focuses solely on immigration matters, we recognize that United States immigration laws do sometimes intersect with federal export control laws governing the release of technology, technical data, or certain information to a foreign national. The export control certifications required of employers as a part of the petitioning process for certain immigration benefits can be especially challenging for smaller employers.  As your partner in international business, Mehlman Barnes LLP, offers services through a trusted partner to analyze your company’s business, products, services, and employment offerings to determine whether your company is subject to federal export licensing requirements.

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    Mergers, Acquisitions & Reorganizations

    When a merger, acquisition or company reorganization occurs, the immigration-related impact resulting from such organizational changes is too often overlooked.  Because of our world class solutions model, Mehlman Barnes LLP will work with your company to keep abreast of impending organizational changes that might trigger immigration consequences. Potential areas of impact include employment verification (i.e., I-9) as well as temporary and permanent employment benefits that may require successor-in interest submissions to various government agencies as a means of saving immigration benefits that pre-existed the organizational change.

    If your company is anticipating or has recently experience a merger, acquisition or organizational change and you employ foreign national employees, contact Mehlman Barnes LLP at our Getting Started page for a legal analysis.

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    Other World Class Solutions

    Follow the links for information about other areas of our world class immigration solutions, including I-9 employment verification at our compliance page and outbound business traveler benefits at our global travel page.

Mehlman Barnes LLP offers World Class Employer Solutions including E visa, F-1 OPT/STEM visa, H-1B visa, H-4 visa, J visa, L-1A visa, L-1B, O visa, TN visa, Labor certification, PERM labor certification, Intracompany transfer, Multinational manager, Outstanding researcher, Extraordinary ability, Visa interview preparation, Intracompany business travel, Intermittent L, B-1, B-1 in lieu of H-3, B-1 in lieu of H-1B, U.S. business visitors, Immigration impact of mergers and acquisitions, Successor in interest, and I-9 employment verification. Get Started