World Class Global Travel Solutions

The ability to travel globally is an omnipresent facet of modern business that Mehlman Barnes LLP has the ability to facilitate.  We will work from the commencement of representation to understand your business model and the anticipated international travel needs of your employees. Through this understanding we will proactively work to ensure preparedness for your employees’ global business travel.

Our world class global solutions are offered through a network of trusted colleagues that includes top lawyers practicing in major countries around the world, each of whom has been reviewed for credentials, reputation and quality-service standards. Through this network, Mehlman Barnes LLP can ensure your company’s ability to plan temporary assignments and long-term relocations. This includes country-specific work authorization requirements, entry-exit requirements, and the preparation and submission of applications for visas, passports, etc.

If you are an employer interested in how Mehlman Barnes LLP can help you facilitate the global travel needs of your employees, as an initial matter please feel free to use our MB WorldVisa tool to generate an initial global traveler assessment. This powerful tool will instantly provide an overview of the general entry requirements of the anticipated destination. Remember, the MB WorldVisa application is intended for informational purposes only and when you are ready to proceed with assistance with global visa matters, please contact us to schedule a consultation.