World Class Individual Immigration Solutions

Mehlman Barnes LLP practice areas for individuals are motivated by a similar vision as our employer and business driven practice. Every client has an identity with unique needs and every client will receive customized client-centric representation. At Mehlman Barnes LLP, we will collaborate with you as your partner, learn your goals, and make it our objective to help you accomplish those goals. There are various aspects to our individual immigration solutions, spanning from family-based benefits to the employment-based realm of practice. Regardless of your circumstances, Mehlman Barnes LLP will make you and your goals a priority.

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    Family-Based Sponsorship

    If you are a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, there are various ways to sponsor certain family members for temporary visas and even for green card processing. It is a common misperception that immigration practice pertaining to family-based sponsorship is nothing more than the mere filling out of forms.  This is an error of judgment that could result in significant detrimental impact to your relative if the correct legal analysis is not completed and the correct approvals obtained from the government. Issues such as temporary and permanent bars from the United States, inadmissibility, exclusion and even deportation could occur absent the retention of legal counsel.

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    Military Sponsorship

    If you are a U.S. citizen and a member of the U.S. armed forces, there may be special benefits available to assist you in attainment of immigration benefits for your immediate relatives.

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    Employment-Based, Self-Sponsorship – National Interest Waivers

    In certain instances, there are self-sponsorship employment-based green card options available to foreign nationals if the individual is in possession of specific credentials and there are facts to substantiate that immigration will benefit the national interest. Although there is no bright line occupational criteria, common occupational areas that this category is utilized for include those such as scientists, researchers, and in certain instances entrepreneurs.

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    Employment-Based, Self-Sponsorship – Extraordinary Ability Workers
    Rarer than the national interest waiver, there is another self-sponsorship employment-based green card option available to foreign nationals if those individuals have reached such a level of esteem as to be deemed at the top of your profession and having reached a level of sustained national or international acclaim in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. 
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    Other Miscellaneous Services

    There are a number of other individual services offered by Mehlman Barnes LLP including but not limited to naturalization, re-entry permits and travel documents, etc.  We are also available to assist individuals with other immigration related matters such as DMV and SSA assistance, mortgage letters, I-94 card corrections, and green card renewals to name a few.